The Devil, a vicious prosecutor

I wanted to jump into this blog with both feet. This is the part 3 from a four-part series. Have you ever just been sitting down somewhere, and suddenly you start having random thoughts jump at you? Thoughts of mistakes you did in the past for maybe even a temptation? It happens even in the weirdest places and most time, when it’s not appropriate? If you read my last 2 blogs, I clearly explained using passage from the bible on how the Devil like to attack us. He is a former high-ranking angel that is on a mission to destroy. When you see the word “Prosecutor”, what thoughts jump at you? Maybe an idea of someone who has lots of evidence and is going after “their” man? Or maybe you will see someone who is determined to get you. Ladies and gentlemen, I will share from my personal experiences on how he goes after you, especially if you’re a follower of Christ!

The nature of his attack on me come very swiftly. Sometimes when I’m driving or at my workstation, he is just waiting for me. Waiting for an opportunity to rail me up. Sometimes, my soul tells me that something is not right, sometimes I get a very uneasy feeling of evil. All I know is that when I have this “warning” I must decide to either start praying or else I will be prone to his attack, He is very good at reminding me of my failures. That is what I call his warm up attacks. He loves to pin-point times when my Dad for angry at me for doing something as a child, or maybe a time when I made my mother cry. He will do this enough to get you to open your mind. Remember what I said, he only needs a little wiggle room to be able to open the door and really let you have it. Another one of his warm-ups is that you might be having a great day and when you pick up the phone, you have a customer who is angry because he is being jerked around and wants someone to solve his issues. Now that person is not angry at you per say, but because you answered the phone, you will get the full wrath from him/her. Then after a tough phone call your entire mood changes. Your no longer happy but feel edgy.

Once he got you going, then he will move on to hit you at your weakest point. Because your mind is no longer focuses on what your supposed to be doing. He takes “jabs” at you. Like a boxer working on weakest area like your stomach, he is trying to tire you out. He then goes on and play with you mind “come on AJ, you remember you used to love doing this in college”, Remember how free you felt? Remember how excited you got and how you felt afterwards” He is trying to hit me with pride. Most times I realized what is happening and then go on and rebuke him. He will then move on to something more personal. “AJ you remember when so and so borrowed money from you and never paid you back? He was a piece of *&^t right? That fat-&^%$. Sometimes he will remind you of family members who have wounded you. “Your Mother always loved your sister more then you, she can never do any wrong in her eyes!” Why do you bother helping a woman who didn’t love you as much!” I tend to think the family attacks hurt more because, it’s just that your family. You grew up with them and just wanted a better life and wanted to be accepted, but somehow it never really came out prefect.

The one that I hate the most is when he throws temptations at you. For me because I’m married, he like to throw those “single life is better than married life” or “your spouse never really loved you, she is just using you because you have a successful career and she hated your family.” “Gosh that one lady was cute wasn’t she, gosh would you like to be with her, if only but a short time right AJ? Just like the good old days. Sometimes I must fight so hard I start sweating, my heart rate is high, my eyes are dilated. Man those “deep temptations” no matter the vice, drinking, smoking, gambling etc. He loves to give me those kidney punches to drop me to my knees. To fight those, I beg the Lord for his help. Jesus, this vile beast is pushing me to my limits. I feel that I can no longer resist, my God have mercy on my weakness and ask for your graces to overcome this evil. I would have to repeat a similar prayer 3 or 4 times until the temptation goes away. Now I’m not going to say I’m successful all the time, but we must always fight back with the mercy of God help. Father he is not allowing me to be productive at work, I beg you for your Holy courage to do that right thing and help me in times when everything is going wrong.

My brother and sisters remember this, he may be king of this world, but you belong to a much Higher King. Our King is Jesus Christ and he has already vanquished the works of our enemies. We must ask Jesus to wash our dirty robes in his most precious blood, so that one it comes out, then it is as white as snow! When we fall and accept our temptations, then we have committed our mortal sin. But if we resist and rebuke the thoughts and don’t give it any authority to act on us, then it will vanish into thin air and we will become spiritually stronger in Christ. We Must always look to Christ as the Captain of our ship in life. He has the power to go through the rough seas of this world and only through Jesus Christ, we are saved! May the Mercy of Christ always come before our personal self and allow is to put your above all things in this world. Amen!


Aaron J

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