The Devil, one final battle for his prize

I have finally come to close on this four—part series. I hope these blogs have been inspirational in thinking about and learning on who you are up against. I have gone over the history, What the Living word of God has to say about the enemy, how to combat him in daily scripture. As a former angel of light, he is a very cunning and fearsome foe. He has known humanity since it’s beginning .

I will share a personal reflection on this matter. I just had a friend who passed away. He had stomach cancer and died from the chemotherapy. When I went to visit him a week prior to his passing, he didn’t seem to recognize me, but knew who I was. This was a proud man. He was someone who loved people. He was the neighborhood watch for twenty years and went out of his way to help anyone he can. Even thou he didn’t speak to much, there was a sense of peace over him. I said the sinner’s prayer over him and prayed with his wife present. I was very blessed by the grace of God to pray for my friend. I prayed that the Lord give him his peace. More then that, I prayed for him to survive the final battle.

Have you ever notice people who are near death, that are worried, scared, ever terrified of death? It is human nature to fear the unknown. But what if they sensation is more then just a mental reaction? Deep down inside we are made to know who God is. Wither or not we “acknowledge” him, he is still known to us. In combat, when someone is wounded and gets medevac’d out, depending on the seriousness of the wound, the flight medics must race against time to save your life. They Called this the “golden hour”. It is when a serious wounded warrior is struggling to be stable and keep them alive. If they survive “this hour” they have a much better chance at survival. Now, it doesn’t mean that they can’t die later. We don’t determine who survivals and who doesn’t. But it’s gives us a grace to make peace with God.

The Devil, knowing that he only has this one and final chance to get you, will come at you with this full power. Over time people describe this as a physical manifestation of a struggle within the human body and mind. He will tempt you, he will offer you a place in his kingdom, he will try and break your faith, he will put the greatest fear in your heart. He goal is to get you to reject Christ. He is trying to bring your soul with him to the bottomless pit. He wants to torment your soul until the 2nd judgement, when God will Judge you body and soul reunited and then everyone will be thrown into the Lake of Fire for all eternity with the devil and his minions for punishment ever-lasting. Jesus will appear to the soul and offer his mercy. It is also their where we will choose to either accept the mercy of Christ, or to reject him. Jesus will not force you to accept him or not, we must make the decision ourselves, but once we die, the God of Mercy then becomes the Just Judge. Once you past from this life to the next, you will stand naked before him and see all your life flash before your eyes and then await your sentence.

My brother and sisters, the time to be ready is now. We must always work to do good things in life. Every choice we make good or bad, will be held accountable. Even if we don’t think is was important, God will show us how important that choice was. We must make peace with our brother and sister. It is not easy to forgive, but we must pray for the graces to ask for forgiveness’. How can we ask our Father to forgive us, if we can’t let go of those grudges and pains? We must always pray for mercy to come upon everyone. We must always choose Jesus. We not allow the opportunity for the dark one to overtake us. It is every important to be at our loves one side and pray for them. We must pray for our enemies’ that they show true repentance. Everyone can choose heaven or burn in Hell. I will close with this prayer,

Father, I thank you for allowing me to share this teaching with my audience. I thank you Father in heaven, even as a student learning more about your Living Word, I pray that my experience may help shape someone’s life and bring them to know your love. Jesus, thank you for shedding your Precious Blood on Calvary to bring your Mercy on the whole world. Holy Spirit, 3rd person of the Trinity, may you inspire the who world to know of your existence and bring humanity together. May you bring joy and peace in the final hours of our life and the Grace to choose to live with you in eternity. We ask this Through Christ our Lord, Amen!


Aaron J

1 Comments on “The Devil, one final battle for his prize”

  1. Very good meditation and exposition, specially in this evil times. Keep doing what you doing . Be docile to THE HOLY SPIRIT prompting.


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