And he seized the dragon, that ancient serpent, who is the Devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years

Jesus Destroys the works OF THE DEVIL PART 3 Aaron Joseph Paul Hackett | Forgiveness/Deliverance | 08/30/2022

You have no rights to this soul!

Why must I confess all my wrongs? If God has the power to forgive sins, then his priest can just give me absolution and I’ll be good! The Priest does have the authority given to them by Jesus Christ[1], but a doctor can’t cure a patient properly unless he knows EXACLTY what is making him/her sick. God knows all your sins, your life, and your heart[2], God desires you to understand the importance of confessing all your sins!

The demons that work for Satan, are legalist. Meaning that when we commit sins, we join the ranks of hell and the fallen angels. Romans 8:27 “And he who searches the hearts of men knows what is the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for the saints according to the will of God.”. I want to present an example of a vague confession.

After the opening prayer of the confessional, the young man states to the Priest, that is has been two months since his last confession. He recounts the following to God’s priest,

Father, I was walking down the street and I notice a person standing by, she was very cute and sexy. Then my friends invited me to have a couple of beers. Of course, they knew I was underage, but it’s not my fault Father, you know God understands that I’m young and have tons of emotions going around inside me! I got a bit tipsy nothing too serious. Oh yeah, I happen to borrow some money from my parents, don’t worry Father, I’ll pay them back. I was too wasted to go to church on Sunday. But I’ll make it up next time. Hmmm, yeah prayer just slipped my mind because I wanted to see the latest tik toc videos. My teacher she is boring, so I didn’t skip that part of the lesson. You know how boring school can be, since you used to be a young adult too.

I’m going to stop here. Confession is not the time or place to start telling God’s servant a whole story. This is an extremely serious matter! You are not considering your sins; in fact, you’re just brushing it off and trying to blame someone else for your poor judgment.  This may be your last confession since God will judge you immediately after your death, Matthew 12:36- “I tell you, on the day of judgment men will render account for every careless word they utter;” This is how you are to tell your sins to God’s Priest….

Sinner: Bless me Father for it has been two months since my last confession.

Priest: What are your sins my son?

Sinner: Father, I have committed visual adultery with my eyes and thought of a lady in lust. I abused alcohol and got drunk. I neglect the proper care of myself and hung out with a bad crowd. I violated the 4th commandant and stole from my parents. I didn’t value the authority of my parents. I put material things before my prayers and was negligent in my behavior towards God. I looked at sinful videos on my phone. I neglected my duties as a student and as a son by skipping school. I showed no respect for the ones who has care for my education.

This is a good confession! The young man violated the 1st commandment by putting other things in place of God. He violated the 4th commandant by not honoring his parents and those in proper authority over him. The 7th commandment was broken because of thief of goods from his parents. You see every sin committed is a grave offense against God Almighty. Each sin has a degree of penalty that is applied to it, depending on the state of life of a person. Sex before marriage is bad. Sex with a person who is not your spouse is worse. Rape of a child is horrific. The charges are much heavier, if a person was in a religious order and have committed the same violations.

In confession, you want to tell the “meat and potatoes” of your sins, but not go into graphic detail. Being vague and trying to “color up” you sin because you are ashamed, will make the confession invalid and be used as a condemnation against you. From the Catechism of the Council of Trent state:

Purpose Of Amendment

Thirdly, the penitent must form a fixed and firm purpose of amendment of life. This the Prophet clearly teaches in the following words: If the wicked do penance for all his sins which he hath committed, and keep all my commandments, and do judgment, and justice, living Ice shall live, and shall not die: I will not remember all his iniquities which he hath done. And a little after: When the wicked turneth himself away from his wickedness which he hath wrought, and doth judgment and justice, he shall save his soul alive. Still further on he adds: Be converted and do penance for all your iniquities, and iniquity shall not be your ruin. Cast away from you all your transgressions, by which you have transgressed, and make yourselves a new heart and a new spirit. To the woman taken in adultery Christ our Lord commanded the same thing: Go thy way, and sin no more; and also to the lame man whom He cured at the pool of Bethsaida: Behold, thou art made whole, sin no more.


Reasons For These Conditions

That a sorrow for sin and a firm purpose of avoiding sin for the future are two conditions indispensable to contrition nature and reason clearly show. He who would be reconciled to a friend whom he has wronged must regret to have injured and offended him, and his future conduct must be such as to avoid offending in anything against friendship.

Furthermore, these are conditions to which man is bound to yield obedience; for the law to which man is subject, be it natural, divine, or human, he is bound to obey. If, therefore, by force or fraud, the penitent has taken anything from his neighbour, he is bound to restitution. Likewise if, by word or deed he has injured his neighbour’s honour or reputation, he is under an obligation of repairing the injury by procuring him some advantage or rendering him some service. Well known to all is the maxim of St. Augustine: The sin is not forgiven unless what has been taken away is restored.

The devil has no right to your soul when the confession is valid. His chains are broken, and it cannot be held against you in your judgment, if you died in a state of grace.  Let us cast away the evil one from our lives, give our heart, mind, and soul to Almighty God and in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Nazarene we Renounce, Rebuke and Reject the ways of Satan and through the intercession of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, give our hearts to her, to safely intercede for us to have a happy and Holy death.  Be sure to do a daily examination of conscience and go to confession twice a month.

Daily Examine of Conscience. 

I confess to You, my Lord, God and Creator, to the One glorified and worshipped in Holy Trinity, to the + Father, Son and Holy Spirit, all my sins which I have committed all the days of my life, at every hour, in the present and in the past, day and night, in thought word and deed: by gluttony, drunkenness, secret eating, lust, idle talking, despondency, indolence, contradiction, neglect, aggressiveness, self-love, hoarding, stealing, lying, dishonesty, curiosity, jealousy, envy, anger, resentment, and remembering wrongs, hatred, vindictiveness, (playing with occult powers);(you can mention your other sins that you wish to articulate before God) and by all my senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch; and all other sins, spiritual and bodily, through which I have angered You, My God and Creator, and caused injustice to my neighbours. Sorrowing for this, but determined to repent, I stand guilty before You, my God. Only help me, my Lord and God, I humbly pray to You with tears. Forgive my past sins by Your mercy and absolve me from all I have confessed in Your Presence, for You are good and the Lover of Mankind.


O God, + absolve, remit, and pardon my voluntary and involuntary sins, in word and deed, known and unknown, by day and by night, in mind and thought; forgive us all, in Your goodness and love for mankind. 

O God, be merciful to me, a sinner: 

God bless you all,

Aaron Joseph Paul Hackett

Passionist Lay Brother

[1] Matthew 16:18-20 RSVCE

[2] Psalm 44:21 RSVCE

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