Germany, why do you betray the Son of God?

A Lay brother response to the vote Aaron Joseph Paul Hackett | Rebuking | 09/14/2022

“Rise, let us be going; see, my betrayer is at hand.”

            Brothers and sisters of Germany, oh how the Lord God weeps for you!  Matthew 26:41 “So, could you not watch with me one hour?  Watch and pray that you may not enter into temptation; the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.”  Why does thou allow Satan into your hearts? Why do you believe in the Father of Lies? Satan deceived our 1st parents[1], then he stirred anger in Cain to murder his brother Abel[2], now with the vote of the Germany Catholic Hierarchy, Satan gained dominion over the country of Germany!

            I do not know what has influenced the great shepherd of Germany (Cardinal), your Eminence, this is not the law of Almighty God! You as well as any man who serves God our Creator, know how many souls Satan has won since the biting of the forbidden fruit until now! His fallen seraphim who do the bidding of Satan only needs a foothold and then the work of destruction can begin. 

An Extract from St. Robert Bellarmine S.J, De Romano Pontifice, lib. II, cap. 30

            “Against this: in the first place, if the heretic remained, “in actu” [actually], united to the Church in virtue of the character, he would never be able to be cut or separated from her “in actu,” for the character is indelible. But there is no one who denies that some people may be separated “in actu” from the Church. Therefore, the character does not make the heretic be “in actu” in the Church but is only a sign that he was in the Church and that he must return to her. Analogously, when a sheep wander lost in the mountains, the mark impressed on it does not make it be in the fold but indicates from which fold it had fled and to which fold it ought to be brought back. This truth has confirmation in St. Thomas who says (Summ. Theol. III, q. 8, a. 3) that those who do not have the faith are not united “in actu” to Christ, but only potentially — and St. Thomas here refers to the internal union, and not to the external which is produced by the confession of faith and visible signs. Therefore, as the character is something internal, and not external, according to St. Thomas the character alone does not unite a man, “in actu,” to Christ. 

Your excellency, how can you permit this voting body of your brother Bishops to vote on changing the laws of Almighty God? The teaching of Almighty God has been consistent from the time Our God gave the laws to Moses[3] to Jesus Christ, reinforcing the commandments’ teaching [4]. My lord, allow me to refresh your memory from the Catechism of the Catholic Church –CCC 1955 “The “divine and natural” law6 shows man the way to follow so as to practice the good and attain his end. The natural law states the first and essential precepts which govern the moral life. It hinges upon the desire for God and submission to him, who is the source and judge of all that is good, and the sense that the other is one’s equal. Its principal precepts are expressed in the Decalogue. This law is called “natural,” not in reference to the nature of irrational beings, but because the reason which decrees it properly belongs to human nature:

Where then are these rules written, if not in the book of that light we call the truth? In it is written every just law; from it, the law passes into the heart of the man who does justice, not that it migrates into it, but that it places its imprint on it, like a seal on a ring that passes onto wax, without leaving the ring. The natural law is nothing other than the light of understanding placed in us by God; through it, we know what we must do and what we must avoid. God has given this light or law at the creation.[5]

Like our Father St. Paul of the Cross teaches us ““Oh my God! teach me how to express myself. I wish that I were all aflame with love! More than that: I wish that I could sing hymns of praise in the fire of love and extol the marvelous mercies that uncreated Love has bestowed on us! Is it not truly a duty to thank God for His gifts? Yes, for sure, but I know not how. I wish to do so, and I know not how. To faint away with the desire to love this great God more and more is little. To consume ourselves for Him is little. What shall we do? Ah! we shall live for that divine Lover in a perpetual agony of love. But do you think that I have said enough? No; I would say more if I knew how.
Do you know what consoles me somewhat? To know that our great God is an infinite good and that nobody is capable of loving and praising Him as much as He deserves.”

We welcome everyone with open arms, but we cannot change the rules of the church. Even if the entire worlds say the Moon is really the Sun and the Sun is really the moon, we cannot allow the natural law to be contradictory. The teachings of the Roman Catholic church have been handed down to us from Jesus Christ our Lord to the first Pope St. Peter and have been reinforced over the centuries of the truth. From the Council of Trent to the Second Vatican Council, we must obey Sacred doctrine that has been handed down through Sacred scripture and tradition! From the Angelic Doctor St. Thomas Aquinas O.P states in his writing in the Sunna Theologica “This doctrine is wisdom above all human wisdom; not merely in any one order, but absolutely. For since it is the part of a wise man to arrange and to judge, and since lesser matters should be judged in the light of some higher principle, he is said to be wise in any one order who considers the highest principle in that order: thus in the order of building, he who plans the form of the house is called wise and architect, in opposition to the inferior laborers who trim the wood and make ready the stones: “As a wise architect, I have laid the foundation” (1 Corinthians 3:10). Again, in the order of all human life, the prudent man is called wise, inasmuch as he directs his acts to a fitting end: “Wisdom is prudence to a man” (Proverbs 10:23). Therefore, he who considers absolutely the highest cause of the whole universe, namely God, is most of all called wise. Hence wisdom is said to be the knowledge of divine things, as Augustine says (De Trin. xii, 14). But sacred doctrine essentially treats of God viewed as the highest cause — not only so far as He can be known through creatures just as philosophers knew Him — “That which is known of God is manifest in them” (Romans 1:19) — but also as far as He is known to Himself alone and revealed to others. Hence sacred doctrine is especially called wisdom.”

Your eminence, as a humble servant of God, I implore you to do the right thing and correct your brother Bishops in this error. Do not allow Satan to destroy the people of Germany nor surrender the souls of all the clergy! May The light of Almighty God, grant you the strength to do the right thing and bring the fold back to the Head Shepard, who is Jesus the Nazarene, who died on the cross for all our sins! Thank you, your Eminence, for reading my letter.

A slave of the Lord Jesus Christ,

Aaron Joseph Paul Hackett

Passionist Lay Brother

[1] Genesis 3:1-7

[2] Genesis 4:8-12

[3] Exodus 20:1-17

[4] Matthew 22:35-40


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