Why God needed to send his Son Jesus, to show love to humanity, when he could have done it himself?

Aaron Joseph-Paul Hackett | Theology | 07/11/2020

God has the power to manifest himself to humanity and tell his creation that he loves them. Because God created man in his image, he wanted to share in that humanity to bring his love down to their level. Jesus is the link that connects the heavenly love of his Father to his children on earth.

            God has the power that he could have spoken to the entire world and told humanity “I forgive all your sins and the gates of heaven are now open”. Yet, God wanted to relate to humanity even deeper, that he sent his son Jesus, to be born to a human woman, Mary the Mother of God. Jesus being born in the womb of a woman showed his divine humility, because he needed to trust in his mother and father to take care of him. This is the beginning of his desire to walk with his children.

            God knows the weakness of every man. He could have redeemed man himself and gave him strength to overcome the temptations we face. Jesus Christ wanted to share in the suffering of man, faced direct temptation himself. God permitted the devil to try and deceive Jesus but failed. Jesus, therefore, understands the daily struggles we face in our everyday day lives. He experiences our pain and our suffering, so he can grow closer to us. This is the human nature of Jesus that is in union with his divine nature. By facing the daily struggles, Jesus, the Son of God loves his children and corrects us when we make a mistake and forgives our shortcomings. 

            Jesus wanted to leave something behind for all humanity to remember his sacrifice for our sins. He used the simple substance of bread and wine, for us to remember his body and blood that was offered by his death on the cross. This meal is the eternal remembrance of his love for humanity. God did not have to let his Son die and had the power to rescue him from the hands of his killers. Jesus was obedient to the desire of God the Father, that he was the perfect lamb to be offered up for the salvation of all. This is the ultimate love that Jesus did on behalf of humanity. This act of love helped take away our sins and open the gates of heaven for those who share in his love. 

            Just as a human father desires the absolute best for his children, God who is the Loving father of all mankind, sent his Son Jesus, to show us that perfect love. Jesus was sent in his infancy, to show earthly dependency and humility by being obedient to his earthly mother and father. Jesus Christ experienced the suffering of temptation and emotional struggles. This was to give us the example of relaying on the divine providence of God the Father, that only through the Mercy of God, will humanity have the strength to challenge temptation and overcome it. The breaking of bread is to relive the Passion of his death on the cross. To remind all of creation, that Jesus’s purpose was to bring the love of his Father, by offering himself as a ransom for many. God could have done everything himself and the world would have come to believe that he is the one, True God. God’s desire is for man to share in his love. His son Jesus is the living perfection of that love. For as Saint John, the beloved disciple said in his Gospel John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that who-ever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” This is the ultimate purpose of God’s love to humanity. Happy are we, to accept and rejoice in this love.

God Bless you all,

Aaron Joseph Paul Hackett

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