Meditation 01/27/2019

The Gospel of Luke starts out telling everyone how he has used his personal research and investigating to compile his book. Being a physician, it clearly shows how much love and carefully crafted, detail he put in his writing. The Word is God inspired by the Holy Spirit, who helps guide the author in how the message of God is to be shared. So, when you read God’s holy book, The Bible, we as believers of God can trust that his words are true. When Luke starts his writing, he is writing to us. Theophilus in Greek means “friend of God”.  He is giving us the reader a warm welcome into the Life of Jesus Christ. Jesus returns to Galilee after overcoming the devil in the desert, everyone around the district is talking about him. He comes to his town of Nazareth and went to the local synagogue to read from the scroll on the sabbath day. He reads from the prophet Isaiah. God gives hope to his people. In these readings, God is talking about the Anointed One who will bring glad tidings to the poor and proclaim liberty to the captives. He will heal the blind and let the oppressed go free. To proclaim the oppressed free. Jesus rolls up the scroll and sits down. Everyone is looking at him and he speaks, “Today this Scripture passage is fulfilled in your hearing”!  The glad tidings are the proclamation of the Word of God coming alive in the hearts of the people. Not just written in books, but alive in every heart that hears the word of God. The Spirit is the Holy Spirit that is with Jesus, which proves that Jesus is the Second person of the Holy Trinity. When Jesus was Baptized, the Holy Spirit came down from heaven to be with him and God spoke saying, “This is my Beloved Son, whom I am well pleased”. God comes as the Incarnate Word, to break the power of the devil and crush death. Death in sin. Only God has the power to forgive sins. He brings this precious act of forgiveness when he anointed his disciples and gave them the Authority to forgive sins on earth. He brings healing to your mind, body and soul. This is a gift that is freely given by God only if we choose to accept his mercy. Sins blind us to the truth. God is truth. By accepting the Word of God, we lose the scale from our eyes as Jesus removed the scales from Paul the Apostle after three days of fasting and prayers when he was healed. We have been oppressed by the world, the flesh and the devil. Jesus has the power to break the chains, because he offered himself as the perfect offering to God to bridge the gap and allow us to enter heaven. Jesus has fulfilled the Word of God, because he is the Living Word. We can be made whole from the healing power of God. Let us repent of our sins and run to God before it is too late. Life is temporary, but our judgment is for eternity. Either in Heaven or in Hell. Let us choose now.


God Bless,


Aaron JP

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