Meditation 10/28/18

Brothers and Sisters,

We read from today’s sacred word about Jesus Healing the blind man name Bartimaeus. What message is our Divine Savior telling us? First, he is showing us that he is truly the Eternal God that created the heavens and the earth. He is demonstrating his authority to the people around him. Just as he told the Pharisee that he has the power to forgive sins, he also has the power to heal our broken bodies. Second, Jesus is showing us he is the God of everlasting mercy. Being God, he could have told Bartimaeus, no because of your past sins, you must remain this way or you must offer it up as a sacrifice to atone for your offenses. No. Jesus calls him to come to him after hearing his cry for healing. “Jesus, Son of David, Have mercy on me!” Third, the real, deep down lesson from this gospel reading is that we all suffer. Whether the suffering is because of our sins. The experiences of trauma’s and tribulations we have faced in our lives. We all have an inner cry to God. This is when the Lord of Host can work in us. God, as powerful as he is, cannot interfere with our free will. He loves us so much that he respects that deeply. We always like to feel like we are in control of everything. We hate to let go of things. But sooner or later, our human nature will fail us. The weight of the world and our problems can be too much to bear. When we find out we got cancer, or that a love one is dying. When we found out that our spouse has been unfaithful in our marriage or that our children have walked away from the faith. When we feel a sense of hopelessness when we lose our job and don’t know how we are going to get our daily bread. That is when we can truly surrender to the Mercy of God. We need to look at the Blessed Virgin Mary as an example to follow during these hard times. Look at how she faced the world during the time she was here on earth. She said “Yes” to God when she was given news of the Birth of her child Jesus. She followed her spouse Joseph as they had to flee Bethlehem, when Herod was trying to kill Jesus. She asked her Son for a miracle during the cana wedding. She was with Jesus during the passion and death. She held fast to the promise of God and trusted him all the way to the end! Her faith didn’t waiver. She trusted the Lord Almighty to overcome all trails. We too must come before the Lord with the same ferver ! Yes, brothers and sisters, we do have a fallen nature and are born with sin in our lives unlike our Blessed Mother, but we can imitate her and pray to her Son Jesus for mercy. Jesus Christ is ready to give us life and have it more abundantly! Everything that happens in life is because of His divine providence. We need to be broken of our prideful spirit. We need to have our lives shattered in order to be made whole again. We need to die to self for Jesus to heal us. We must trust in the Lord in the best way we need healing. We may think we need physical healing, but maybe the Lord wants to heal your heart. Your heart is the very center of your personal prayer life to God. We need to stop thinking with our Mind. Our human minds are always trying to rationalize everything all the time. The heart again is the core to our prayer life. When our heart is at peace, then our soul is at peace, then our minds can be quiet from the noise of the world and then finally we can hear God speak to us. Let us cry out together, begging the Lord through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary to die of ourselves and come to him with our all problems, all our pains, but ask for healing first of our relationship with the creator, then and only then can we see the world thru the eyes of Christ. We can love our situations as an opportunity for salvation with the desire to serve Christ. May God give us the healing that we really need. Not to make us better and forget about him, but the healing that we can testify to his everlasting mercy to the world before us. Amen!

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