Dominican Prayer of Deliverance


Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, I come on behalf of [Brother/Sister___________] to pray for deliverance of his/her ailments. You know the heart of every soul that comes to you, we ask for the forgiveness of their sins and plead your Most Precious Blood on [Brother/Sister__________]

to wash them clean and be worthy to come upon your presence. We ask through the intercession of Our Lady of Guadalupe, The Blessed Virgin Mary, whom you, Lord God sent to intercede and free the Aztecs people of Mexico from the demonic worship of that country, we ask her mighty intercession on behalf of our [Brother/Sister_________________] right now. We also ask for the intercession of Saint Martin de Porres, who loved the sick and the helpless, he was willing to pray for anyone who had need of your mercy. Together in your Most Holy Name Jesus, we renounce the Devil, his lies and his deceit. We renounce all his wickedness and all his false promises that he tells the mind and soul. We ask for Deliverance in this situation and free them from the sickness or evil that is affecting their lives. If it is not your will that they be healed today, we ask for your graces and mercy to give them the strength to continue with their lives and bring peace to the heart, we ask this in your Most Holy Name Jesus, Amen.


In the Name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost, Amen!

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