The folly of dying in mortal sin

When the Justice of God is near, only then, by his grace, may we see the errors of our way! Yet, when someone who is so deep in his mortal sins, he can no longer tell the difference between the light and the darkness. Oh, foolish Christian, why did you wait so long for your conversion? Doctor of the Church Saint Alphonsus Liguori shares in his book Preparation for Death p.84-86, that a soul in that state feels ‘great anguish”. His conscience then becomes a torture chamber, because it remembers all the sins of its existence.  But instead of trying to repent, that soul only thinks about how maybe medicine might cure them, or that they be given a little more time to enjoy the final pleasures of life! Like the bad theif on the cross, instead of asking Jesus for Mercy, you renounce your Savior and welcome your father the devil into your life! How terrible the chastisement of that soul before it reaches the judgement seat of God. Psalms 111:5-10 “He provides food for those who fear him; he remembers his covenant forever.  He has shown his people the power of his works, giving them the lands of other nations. The works of his hands are faithful and just; all his precepts are trustworthy. They are established for ever and ever, enacted in faithfulness and uprightness. He provided redemption for his people; he ordained his covenant forever— holy and awesome is his name. The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom; all who follow his precepts have good understanding. To him belongs eternal praise.”



How much that soul desires for the mercy of God, but it escapes them. How can one think of God coming to the rescue, when they never called upon his name? The demons will be waiting to drag you down to the pits of hell. Saint Thomas Aquinas in this Summa Theologiae Q.97, Article 1 gave his understanding of the punishment of Hell, “According to Basil (Homilia vi in Hexaemeron and Hom. i in Ps. 38), at the final cleansing of the world, there will be a separation of the elements, whatever is pure and noble remaining above for the glory of the blessed, and whatever is ignoble and sordid being cast down for the punishment of the damned: so that just as every creature will be to the blessed a matter of joy, so will all the elements conduce to the torture of the damned, according to Wisdom 5:21, “the whole world will fight with Him against the unwise.” This is also becoming to Divine justice, that whereas they departed from one by sin, and placed their end in material things which are many and various, so should they be tormented in many ways and from many sources.” God’s justice will come swift and quickly. Since we don’t know the day or the hour when we will drink the cup of suffering (death), we mustn’t wait till later to ask for repentance. “Alas! During this life, these fools love their folly; but at death they open their eyes and confess that they have been fools. But this only serves to increase their fear of repairing past evil; and dying in this state, they leave their salvation very uncertain. My brother, now that you are reading this point, I imagine that you too say: This is indeed true. But if this is true, your folly and misfortune will be still greater, if after knowing these truths during life, you neglect to apply a remedy in time. This very point which you have read will be a sword of sorrow for you at death” Doctor of the Church St. Alphonsus Liguori


My fellow servants of the Lord Most High. Don’t not wait until you are of old age or think that when you retire from work, then and only then will you give your life to Christ. We don’t know when the cup will come to us, so let us bathe in our tears of repentance now. God doesn’t want to hear how your family have suffered because of your trails or how you wish bad things never happen to you. IF YOU HAVE NO REGRET, then you are not sorry for your actions, period. Lip service will not be your salvation, for it will be spoken in vain.  I offer this “prescription” to remedy your life.

  1. Ask the Holy Spirit to open your heart about all your sins that you have done in your life. If your heart’s not open yet to him, Beg God for the graces to be revieled  to you and write your sins down on paper.
  2. Once he speaks into your heart and you write everything down, be SURE TO WRITE THE NUMBER OF TIMES, FREQUENCY and DAYS you have committed a particular sin.
  3. Find a Priest or Reverend that will hear your confession. Let them know that you will need about an hour and a half for it. If you never confessed your sins before, you may need some extra time.
  4. By writing it down, you can read exactly what is written on the paper. You don’t have to try to remember the times and date, for you would have already written it down. That night, the devil will come at you with his full wrath. He will plague you with nightmare and torments to scare you away from confessing your sins. Your sins are his “chains” that he has on you. As long as you have a sin that is unconfessed, he and his demons have every right to you, because you have invited them in.
  5. Invoke the Blessed Virgin Mary for your protection. Beg her to cover you with her Holy Mantle, that you come out from the night. You will be shaken, restless, but if you Trust in the Mercy Of Almighty God, you will have the courage to confess your sins.
  6. Ask the Priest to say a deliverance prayer over you. This will bind, rebuke and keep any demons away from you, so that you can confess your sins in their entirety. Don’t feel scared or ashamed of your sins, this is a trick the devil uses to keep you bound to his power.
  7. After you say your sins and receive absolution. Be sure to follow the penance that is prescribed to you. I highly recommend that your offer 3 Sets of 9 Days Novena Masses for the following intention.

*For the Reparation of sins and offenses of (your complete legal name) 1st nine-day Novena

*For Thanksgiving to the Holy Spirit for granting you the grace to see all your sins and confess them (2nd nine-day Novena)

*For the Grace of Final Perseverance and The Grace of Perseverance (3rd and final set of nine-day novena)


Finally, keep away from the occasion of sins and those who bring you to sin. This may mean cutting off bad friendships, bad relationships. Staying away from things that divert your attention from God (i.e hooked on social media, handing out in the bars, living a promiscuous lifestyle, etc) Jesus himself warns about a soul that is delivered, but doesn’t fill his house (soul) with good things that evil will return, and you will be worse than before. Matthew 12:43-45


  Let us close with this prayer, Jesus of Nazareth, you are the King of the Universe. I thank you for the words given and not the words spoken. Help my fellow man in his personal conversion and turn away from sins. How long have souls been lost, because your message is not shared? Your truths unspoken for fear of being labeled a bigot and persecuted? May you grant us the mercy to open our harden hearts and turn away from sin. Save us oh Lord from the fire of Hell.  We invoke the Queen of Heaven and Earth the Blessed Virgin Mary for her most powerful intercession. The grace you have given her will be like sweet smelling flowers to a soul who loves God. May our Guardian angel aid us in this fierce battle for the soul. May we rest in your peace. Amen!


Repent and Believe in the Gospel of Christ Jesus!


Aaron JP


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