The Pains of Everlasting Torment part 2

St. John Chrysostom says “Hell is indeed an intolerable thing. Who does not know that the punishment of hell is also horrible?” We can walk around life and pretend that hell doesn’t exist. Many out there, possibly even reading this blog, will say to themselves. “How come no one has come back to let us know if hell is real?” There is a huge gulf between the living and the dead. If you read the story of Lazarus and the Rich man, you will understand that neither side can’t cross over.  Our human minds can’t completely understand the concepts of hell. But to make it simpler in my own personal words, the gap is so deep that not even then a smallest light will even shine down there. It is a place so far down that heaven can’t see it except t God. “My dear people, this grief of the spirit will be so great that, all of the damned will surely know that every access to eternal beatitude has been closed to them”. Hell and its Torments pg.21


Theologians have called the torments of hell “A penalty of the senses” The four main tortures of hell are thought, memory, intelligence and will.  The thought will be tormented first because your soul is now aware that it is in its final resting place. There is no escape and your “frozen in time” You are made aware of our present situation and you cannot go back into your former life to change anything. You have received your sentence from Almighty God and now you belong to the devil. “The faculty of thought will be tortured by a certain most weighty grasp of the torments in which the body and spirit shall then dwell”. Hell and its Torments pg.23 Your memory will be the next thing that is tormented because like a bad movie, you will see over and over all the actions that landed you in here. You will see every single sin that you committed. You will experience every heartbreak and hurt that you have caused. Either to yourself or someone else. Whatever you think that you did behind God’s back will be shown. This movie will never end. It will keep repeating itself. You will have no rest, you will not know the difference between day and night. You are going to be stuck watching your filth forever. “What sighs shall they heave up from their inmost hearts, when by careful process of thought, they shall discover that pleasure lasting for scarcely a moment in time have passed away like a shadow”. Hell and its Torments pg.24   The third part of your everlasting torment will be of your intelligence.  Isaiah 66:24 “And they shall go forth and look on the dead bodies of the men that have rebelled against me; for their worm shall not die, their fire shall not be quenched, and they shall be abhorrence to all flesh” The worm that Jesus Christ is talking about is the reason why you ended up in hell. You will have full knowledge of how you go into hell. You will know what sins you have committed, you will understand the frequency of all your sins and how it affected your family, friends those around you, society, and the world. You will understand how many chances that Lord granted you in your life to change, turn away from evil or maybe avoid the sin altogether if you listened to him, a friend telling you to avoid that evil or maybe after a bad situation the opportunity to change. You will fully comprehend along with your thoughts and your memories the disastrous final decisions that you made when God gave you that one final chance to repent and you told him “No, I won’t”. This final “No” will lead into your final torment of the will. In the end, you choose to be in hell. You choose to spit in the face of Almighty God every day when you commit a mortal sin. You spit in the face of his Son, Jesus when he died on the cross for you. You Spit in the face of the Blessed Virgin Mary and all the saints when they offered a way to follow their examples on how to live a holy life. You spit on the face of your Pastor, your church, everyone who was telling you to turn away from sin and your evil lifestyle and you didn’t. You became a devil yourself when you joined with the devils in your sins. You allowed satan to be your master when you accepted to do all the evil in your life and turned away from the repentance offering of Christ.


The real torture continues when every part of your body that you used to commit your sin will feel pain. If that means your mind, then it’s like a never-ending migraine, if it’s your sexual organs, you will be tormented there. You will experience everything at the same time. You will see the devil himself in his ugliest form. You will see every demon and fallen angel in hell. You will experience terror that is beyond words. No Holy Water or Exorcism will save you from them. If they have free reign in the world until they are sent away in the name of Jesus on earth, how will you escape them on their own turf? Their palaces and domain? The worst of your miserly might be if you see your family members in hell. Maybe you had a son that you didn’t bother to warn him of his life and decide to raise him in a way that was popular, and he died from a car crash because he was drinking with friends? Maybe you see an old college classmate that you hooked up with and got her started on using crack cocaine, now you know she ends up as a street walker in her life and died because of an overdose. If you lead others to do evil and they end up in hell, you help sent them there too. Yes, it was their choice also to reject God, but you helped influence that choice. You will be surrounded by all the screaming, yelling, cursing and swearing. Along with the devils, you will have an overwhelming hatred toward God because he sent you there. You will hate all the saints and your friends who made it to heaven. You will understand that your punishment is forever. But wait, this is only your soul suffering. When the second coming of Jesus Comes and he raises everyone from the dead. You will be reunited with your body and then a 2nd judgment will occur. This time the devil and all his demons will be locked up forever and you’re with your body and soul together again and will go back into the everlasting fire and be tortured with all your full human capacities that you now have on earth. If you think having a toothache with a hernia and a broken leg at that same time is bad, imagine your whole body being burnt and you can’t move with your toothache and your hernia and your broken leg. No water to put it out for you and no one to save you.  “My dear people, are these things indeed true? Where have we learned these things? Who told us these things? Did Homer tell them to us? Did Plato? Did Virgil? Truth itself has told us these things, the very wisdom of God, who cannot lie!” Hell and its Torments pg. 39


Revelation 14:12 “Here is called for the endurance of the saints, those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus.” My brothers and my sisters, if we are alive, we are on a battleground. We are fighting a war. Whether or not we choose to participate or think that it doesn’t concern you. It’s a war! A war for your eternal souls. The devil and his demons are already defeated. They know their time is short. So very short. Their goal is to drag as many souls as they can to hell as quickly and as efficiently as they can. We have ways to fight back. Read the Living Word of God so you know how to fight the evil one back. Go to confession and repent of your sins. Receive the Holy Sacraments in a worthy manner, not to insult the Lord thy God.  Resist the devil and he will flee from you in the Mighty Name of Jesus. Say the Divine Mercy Chaplet or the Holy Rosary. Jesus promised to St. Faustina that if one harden sinner says the Divine mercy, he will give that soul grace to repent of their sins. If one says the most Holy Rosary once with meaning, Blessed Alan de La Roche said that even if the person has “one-foot in hell” the Blessed Virgin Mary will intercede to her Son Jesus to save that one soul. Live a life that is an example of your families. Don’t let the world run your family’s morals, you teach them. Do good to those who hate you and despise you. Feed the sick, clothe the naked. Use every moment of your life to do good, not because you want to get to heaven, but because you want everyone to get to heaven.


I close this blog with this simple prayer. Heavenly Father, I pray that your Mighty works open the hearts of all who read this blog. Whether they are Jews, Hindus or Non-Believers, may you open their hearts to your love. May they all know that you are the Christ, the Son of the Living God. You died for each and everyone in the entire world. You formed us and knew us by name. Whether we were born rich or born poor you loved us. Whether we are born a Christian or a non-believer you loved us. I asked for the Intercession of Mary, your mother and all the angels and saints of heaven to guide everyone to the truth. The truth that you’re the Eternal Wisdom and that you became flesh and willingly died a gruesome death to bring us to the Father. May your love reach even the hardest heart, the coldest mind and melt them. May you grant us the grace to know your love. For this we pray, Amen!

God Bless you all,


Aaron JP




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