Jesus’s healing presence in The Eucharist

Paul the Apostle describes the way to celebrate the Mass, “The Lord Jesus on the night when He was betrayed took bread, and when He had given thanks, He broke it, and said, “This is My Body which is for you. Do this in remembrance of Me” 1 Cor 11:23-24 You my brothers and sisters have read this in all four gospels. Each evangelist gives an account of this Holy Meal. The Blessed Sacrament is “the source and summit of our faith” (Manual for Eucharistic Adoration pg. 16) This is the source of everything from our worship, to the vestments that the clergy, wear down to your personal prayers, Jesus Christ is the central focus of everything. The world was created for the Son of God. Let us give our Master the worship He deserves.


Now, for someone that comes into Adoration for the first time, might ask themselves these questions. “Why is the Host in a special shiny container?” “Why is everything so quiet in this room?” “How do I even worship Him?” Maybe, there is a reader out their asking themselves this question. “All I see is a piece of bread, How, can this small, tiny white host be the Son of God?” “Isn’t God supposed to be in a fancy throne or something?” I will answer these four questions for you.  First a prayer. May the Eternal wisdom open the hearts of my readers. May the Son of God break any doors and remove all barriers from seeing Him as He e is. May all come to love Him as a Father, a friend, a lover and as King.


The Sacred Host is held in a container called a “Monstrance”. This comes in many shapes and sizes. In some places, the monstrance is very gorgeous and made of the Purest Gold with other precious stones and jewelry on it.  Others, maybe because the church is very poor may only be gold-plated. All of them have a view glass that you can see the Host from both sides. The Main purpose is to get you (believer or non-believer) to focus on who is in the middle. Who is in the middle? Jesus. The reason it is so quiet when you come into a space of adoration is because you are coming into the presence of Almighty God. Remember, in the ancient times, Only the High Priest can enter the area of the presence of God (The Ark), he had to wear a rope around his waist. If he enters the area in sin or in an unworthy manner, he was struck dead. (Leviticus 16) Because Jesus died on the cross for you, you can enter in his Most Holy Presence without fear of death. He wants you to come see him. He is sitting on his throne.  He is calling all his children to come and see him.


When you come before God in Adoration, you need to remember the acronym “ARTS” A is for Adoration. You begin by saying a prayer before our Lord from a prayer book. You can recite a Rosary or the Chaplet of Divine Mercy to open your heart for worship. You can make up your own prayers. Once you opened your heart to the words of Christ, now you can offer a form of Reparation (R). You offer a prayer of your offenses towards God. You can recite the act of contrition prayer or ask the Lord to forgive the sins of your parents, ancestors or the offenses of the world. The Next step is T for Thanksgiving. You can come up with your own personal prayer of thanksgiving. “Lord thank you for helping my daughter graduate from college and land a good job,” Thank you Jesus that you guided the hands of my surgeon and he was able to remove my stage three cancer from my breast. Thank you, Heavenly Father, that I have come back into the church after being away for sixty years, etc… etc. The final step is S for supplication. “Ask our Master humble, simple, and directly for the things you need, for the prayer requests entrusted to you by others.” (Manual for Eucharistic Adoration pg. 36) You can write a list at home and read it off to him. You can offer the intention of your prayer community, your congregation, or maybe just speak to him about how life is difficult and why you’re in need of His graces. He is open. He is loving, and He wants to hear all your troubles.


For those who don’t believe in God or in the words of a Priest, who consecrated the Host into the Body and Blood of Jesus (Mark 14:22-25) it’s hard to say that this piece of bread is really Jesus. But ask yourself this. How did the Son of God come into the world? Did he come down as Thunder and Lighting? Did the whole world see heaven opened and a group of Angels appear before everyone and announce the Son of God has been born? If the second one happened, everyone in the entire planet would be a Christian for sure, because God has just shown everyone that He is real, He exists, and we need to worship him right now! NO! Our Lord came down in a most humble manner. He was born in a manger, surrounded by animals in the town of Bethlehem (Luke 2:4-7) The Messengers of God did appear, but only to a small group of shepherds (Luke 2:9-20). Jesus didn’t come as The Messiah that everyone wanted. They wanted someone to come and overthrow the Roman empire and reestablish the Davidic Kingdom as before! Jesus came simple, He calls to conversion all sinners and did the will of his Father. He was obedient. Obedient to the point that He died on the Cross. (John 19:17-23) My non-Christians brothers or sisters, I hope that you can visit Jesus in Adoration. I encourage you to kneel and then have a seat. Look at the Host then close your eyes and just whisper from your lips, “God if you are real, please show me” Now please meditate on this.

“Once you open your eyes, you no longer see the place where you sat down. You’re in a middle of a storm and it’s very dark. Your confused and disorientated. You franticly ask yourself where did I go? How did I get here? Then suddenly you feel a hard tap on your back. You look up and it’s a Roman Soldier on horseback yelling at you. You don’t understand what he is saying, because you do not speak his language, but you observed the fear in his eyes. You notice that stick that he just hit you with is a lance, and it’s dripping with blood. You then move your head away and notice off in the distance men are quickly removing a body from a tree, they quickly get it down and start yelling at this man and this woman. As you walk closer to notice this woman, a mother perhaps is walking toward the body and she starts crying. Her cries are so heartfelt you feel frozen in fear. It’s a cry that is so deep, as if the world is in lamentation. She holds the body of her Child. You notice that the man is running to bring over a burial cloth to wrap the body. You see this mother struggling to carry her son over to the garments, you quickly react and help her get a hold of the body. Then, as you grab the body from her, you stop…. you look down and notice that your right hand and all four of your fingers have entered the side of this man. You feel the organs of his heart. Your eyes open and you see the wounds on his body. You can see all his muscle tissues, veins that have been ripped opened as someone who has butchered an animal. In some areas you can see his bones. His blood is on your clothing. You notice his face is covered with spit, sweat and blood. You notice the crown on his head. So very deep, they pushed the crown of thorns so deep on his head! You heart begins to race, and you quickly move him to the burial cloth. The man (who is John the Evangelist) helps you lift the Body of Jesus. You and the others carry him into the area where he is to be buried. You lose track of time. It seems to you like a far walk. Maybe the furthest you ever walked in your life. Once you reach the tomb, they carry him the rest of the way. As your trying to catch your breath, the woman that you just saw crying (Mary, the Mother of Jesus) comes up to you. She is speaking to you. Again, you don’t understand. Then the Light of the Holy Spirit opens your heart and your mind. Her voice is now clear to you. She said “Thank you for carrying the body of my Son Jesus. I love my son so very much. When God gave Him to me, He is the light of the world. When I would hold Him as a child, His bright brown eyes were ever so loving. I knew He was talking to his Father in Heaven. I felt all the angels giving praises to my Son. Now I hold my Child again. Now I can’t see his brown eyes anymore. They are closed. But I had a chance to see his eyes as he was hanging on the cross. I felt him look at everyone when he said “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do” Luke 23:34 My son, my son died for you. She then touched your face. Her hand is covered with the blood of her son. She then put something in your hand. She tells you, “meditate on the Passion of my Son, Jesus. She walks away. John helps her down into the tomb of where they will lay her son. You are in shock. You look down and in your hands is a Rosary. You understand that the rosary is a meditation of the Life of her son Jesus. Then you close your eyes and your right back in the chair where you sat down. You look around and everyone around you is quietly praying. You start to think to yourself, was it a dream? Did I really carry the body of this Jesus? You shake your head and say you just imagined it. Just a dream, but as you get up from the seat to leave. You notice your right hand is clenched. Holding on to something. You look down and your holding a rosary. The rosary that the Mother of God gave you……. was it really a dream???


St. Pope John Paul the Great said “The Church and the world have a great need for Eucharistic worship. Jesus awaits us in this sacrament of love. Let us not refuse the time to go to meet him in adoration, in contemplation full of faith, and open to making amends for the serious offenses and crimes of the world. Let our adoration never cease.” (Manual for Eucharistic Adoration pg. 47) “That genuine charity, therefore, which knows how to do and to suffer all things for the salvation and the benefit of all, leaps forth with all the heat and energy of a flame from that most holy Eucharist in which Christ Himself is present and lives, in which He indulges to the utmost. His love towards us, and under the impulse of that divine love, ceaselessly renews His Sacrifice.”  Pope Leo XIII (Manual for Eucharistic Adoration pg. 53)

May everyone who doesn’t know Jesus find him in the simplest of form. May his call to the hearts of men and women reach out to the ends of the earth. May everyone who goes and visits the Master, be opened and refreshed. May the King of the Universe take the burden off your shoulders. May you brothers and sisters come and cry out to him. Cry out to him that you want to know the truth. That you want to experience the true peace. Because he is the very nature of peace and love, may his hands touch your broken hearts, heal your wounded souls, chase away all doubts and rescue you from the grips of the devils. God the Father, we thank you for sending your Son, Jesus to die for all of us. We thank you for the Mercy which you have shown to save us. May we say yes to the mighty will of God and be baptized into your everlasting church. May the Love of the Holy Spirit, bring myself deeper and closer to your heart than ever before. May I love Jesus the same way his Mother Mary does! May I meditate on his life and follow his examples every day. For this we pray, Amen.


God Bless you all,


Aaron JP



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