The precious sacrifice of Christ

May the Blessing of Almighty God and the union of the Holy Spirit come upon all my readers today.

When we think of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, what comes to your mind? Merciful? Benevolent? Hero? I would like to think of Our Lord as a Champion, which we as a human race can work hard and try to replicate in our lives. The Jewish High Priest was the head of the Levite class, who was selected to bring the offering of an unblemished lamb before the Almighty God in the Temple. Jesus, who is God made man, is the true High Priest who offers himself, an unblemished and sinless offering to God the Father. CCC 613Christ death is both a paschal sacrifice, that accomplishes the redemption of man. It’s the sacrifice of a New Covenant, which restores man in communion with God through the forgiveness of sins.” Just as the Jewish people celebrated their first Passover, when God was getting ready to deliver them from the Egyptians, by sprinkling blood over their front doors sparing their first-born children. Christ, whose blood is so perfect, offered it when he was crucified, to wash away the sins of the past, present and the future human race.

CCC 1366 “The Eucharist is thus a sacrifice (which is re-presented) the sacrifice of the cross” When our Priests, who are chosen from the succession of the Apostles, celebrates this high feast on the altar of the church, they are reliving Calvary before our eyes. I know there are some out there that believe Jesus didn’t really mean eating real flesh and real blood from John Chapter 6, But, if you look at Matthew Chapter 26:26 Jesus commanded his disciples “Take and eat, this is my body” or Acts 20:7 “first day of the week when we gathered to break bread” It’s not just a “symbol”, it is a true gesture of reliving this command from our God Himself. He is that true lamb, who offered himself before Almighty God to free us from sin for all eternity. CCC 1366
“At the last supper, Christ left a visible sacrifice. {so that the memory of his sacrifice can be repeated until the end of time}” When the priest or bishop raises him up (the Host) and speaks the final words before the Our Father, he is raising Christ, who is above all names. Every knee should bow, every tongue on the earth must confess, that this is Jesus, the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, Happy are those who are worthy of the supper.

I feel that when we come together as a community in our church, we first listen to the written word which is the living word. As our Pastor speaks about today’s reading, we are nourished by the living word of God. A word that has been passed from generations to generations. CCC 2099
“It is right to offer sacrifice to God as a sign of adoration, gratitude, supplication and communion.” When we come together at church, it is not just to fulfill an obligation- A “check in the box” and then go do whatever we do. No! We are there to give worship to Christ! It is our moral and spiritual duty. Think about it like this. God who is all powerful and all knowing, is only asking you to spend 1 hour…one hour of your time on earth to praise and worship him. You still have 23 hours in the day to do what you need to do. When you give to the Lord, he will bless your time back. I offer these simple steps to help you become more “Christ Centered” in your life:


  • Integrity- Give to the Lord an honest amount of time for praise and worship.
  • Courage- It seems easy to just listen to your friends who say, “ God is everywhere,why do I need to go to a church? Be brave and upright, that God may be pleased with you! Go to church.
  • Compassion- Live a life where you not only care about those in your family, but also those who you don’t know.  Show mercy if you want Jesus to show mercy.
  • Respect- When you’re in church, stay off your phone and leave conversation with others until after church.  Remember…God is really in front of you. I suggest you pay attention.
  • Truthfulness-Don’t receive the Body and Blood of Christ in mortal sin.  It’s a sacrilege and may cost you your soul if you are unrepentant.
  • Honor- When you go to church, don’t go in a t-shirt, looking like you crawled out of bed.  Go in your very best clothing and be presentable before the Master.
  • Loyalty- Be faithful to the eternal word of God. If we love Christ, then we must also take up our cross as he commanded. We must rejoice in our suffering to bring us to higher holiness.


We must always give thanks to the Lord. We must say thank you for the breath that we draw and for the ability to eat, drink and move around in his creation. When I was younger, I didn’t think about God too much unless I was in trouble.  Don’t go to the Father only in bad times, but also in good times! I recommend that your offer stipends for Masses. Why? We are all in need of the mercy of God. Without the graces of Jesus Christ, we cannot save ourselves. One Holy Mass being offered on your behalf when you are alive, is worth more than one thousand when you are dead( CCC 2637 “Thanksgiving shows the prayer of the church, when the Holy Eucharist is celebrated. It shows the physical work of Salvation as a living sacrifice of himself for the forgiveness of sins.” We are the Church, we are the Body of Christ in the world. Pray for the souls in purgatory, for your loved ones who are gone. Pray for healing of the church, which is in the middle of a scandal right now. There are endless reasons you can offer your stipend for the masses. God is a big God, he loves us when we pray from our hearts. You don’t need to do a two-hour prayer. Just do one from the depths of your heart. Spend time before Jesus in Holy Adoration. I close with this prayer:

Heavenly Father, I thank you for the word inspired. I thank you for the teachers who are teaching me about your most Holy word. I thank you for offering yourself as a living, breathing sacrifice to us before your Father, because we cannot be saved under no other name than you Lord Jesus. May the Graces and wisdom of the Holy Spirit continue to come upon us and to the Church, we ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen.


Aaron J

Sources: Bible Thumper Vol 2 by Ascension Press c.2004

Compenuim: Catechism of the Catholic Church, Libreria Editrice Vaticana Tenth-printing, June 2016 English translation copyright 2006

Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2nd Edition Libreria Editrice Vaticana Twenty-sixth printing, May 2016 for Masses offering for the living or the dead

One Comment on “The precious sacrifice of Christ

  1. Love it. Well thought. Very inspiring. We cradle Catholics, we are always in need of reminders to keep us going. GOD BLESS YOU


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