The end of Holy Mother Church?

Greetings my brothers and sisters,

I want to extend a warm thank you to all my followers and readers of my blog. God has blessed me with people (wither they be atheist, Christians or anyone from other religion) to take interest in reading my blogs. I have come to address this scandal that has rocked the Roman Catholic Church.


I feel deeply sorry for any male or female that was abused, assaulted or anyway violated by any member of the clergy! It saddens me that any human being, I don’t care about religion or skin color or social status. Evil is evil and wrong is wrong, period! We need to be uniting humanity, working towards a common good, and working to build communities and not destroying them. To everyone who is a Christian or non-Christian, this is not the way God himself created us humans to act. Anyone with common-sense can understand, that certain things which are naturally written in our hearts, can feel this is evil and should never be accepted anywhere.


“The Practice of a Moral Life should be animated by charity, which gives the Christian the spiritual freedom to be a child of God.” CCC 1828 “The new law, which becomes the “Law of Love” should not be practice because of Fear of God, but by his graces, we choose to do the right things in our lives.” CCC 1972. We who are believers in the One True God, are blessed with the gift of freedom. Freedom in a sense that we are exercising our will to be great examples of the world, to be a light of Christ in the world. And by doing so, the graces which are poured from Heaven, grant us the opportunities to do the right thing. It goes from Pope Francis all the way down to you and me. If we as believers in God speak to the world that we are stewards of Christ, then we better be acting like it! We will all be held into account what we did, or what we failed to say or do. If we do nothing and let evil take over, then we are responsible for the flock being scattered in the world!


For All the Priest who took a set of vows to be Obedient in Holiness, Then, you have a responsibility to the flock of Christ as his Chief Steward in the world. If you see evil going on, then speak up. If you notice something is going on in the dioceses, then speak up! It’s not a sin to tell the Bishop that something bad is going on. If he doesn’t act on it, then it will be on his head and not yours. Remember, we all will answer before God himself. You cannot tell the Just Judge, that you didn’t want to say anything because you didn’t want to be outcasted or be label a trouble maker. It’s better to be outcasted then to let the Rouge Priest harm your fellow man by destroying the church from within. Remember my loving Priest, that in the “Baptism that you received and that you give to the people, are called to carry on the Mission of Christ in the world!” CCC 871 Let me remind you what our Master told Peter in Matthew Chapter 16 verse 18 “And so I say to you, you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”. No matter what evil is done in the church, Jesus Christ himself will not let his church fail or be destroyed by our own human weakness.

Final part,

Brothers and Sisters, any member of the church that has done this evil, has committed spiritual murder against Almighty God, they must and will answer for their crimes, But I beg you, don’t commit spiritual suicide by leaving the church. We, every single human being on the faith of this earth can do evil! No one is immune from this evil. Not me, you, the Pope, the Muslim, the Buddhist, the non-believer. We all have a fallen nature within us. We need to pray for our Religious order. We need to pray for our Priest. If no one is praying for them, then we can we say we did something to prevent this? If we take no actions and support our church, then we are also liable in this matter. How can we, make changes to end the abuses? We all need to pray for the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to give us the knowledge to stop this from spreading more. Priest, Religious Brothers and Sisters, consecrated Virgins, Deacons, you all took a Vow before Christ for Christ! Honor those vows and hold each other to account. You didn’t commit your lives to Pope Francis or The Cardinals. No, you all took an Oath for God. Remember the reason why you answered the call to serve God, because you want to be the Light-bearers to the entire world! We as the baptized Children of Christ are the “living stones” on how to expand and build our church. CCC 1268.

I conclude with this prayer,

Father in Heaven, we ask for forgiveness in offending you deeply. Forgive us as a church, for hurting your fellow man and woman. Forgive us for failing each other in our responsibility and our commitments to the Church. We pray that the priest, who have hurt so many, are offered a chance for forgiveness, but also to make amends and take responsibility for the choices they or anyone has made. We hold on to the promise that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will not allow this church or break or fail. With the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary and all the Saints in heaven, bring peace and healing to the victims, the faith in your people and to the entire world. We ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen.


Aaron J

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