Do you want to become a saint?


Does this question raise an eyebrow?  Some might speak quickly and say “Yes, of course I want to be a Saint!” Others, when they think of the consequences of being one, being verbally abuse, physically tortured, mental and physiological anguish and a great chance of martyrdom, it doesn’t really sound “romantic”. In fact, the natural question that arises in the human mind would be, why on earth would I suffer for something that I have no proof even exist? Does God even know who I am? Becoming a saint doesn’t mean you physically have to die, but you do have to die to self.

The Apostle Luke left his jobs as a physician to join St. Paul around the year 51 A.D. He followed him on his journey throughout most of the Mediterranean until St. Paul was martyred in 67 A.D. He wrote the Acts of the Apostle charting down everything that St. Paul did during his life which helped give strength to the Roman Christians during the time of Emperor Nero. One can only imagine what it was like during that time. Being blamed for a fire that you never started and being burned alive to be “human candles” in the streets of Rome or to be thrown into “games” to be torn apart by wild beast or crucified. But the Christian communities endured during these dark times. St. Luke showed us in his gospel writing about his love for the poor, the gentiles and gives Honor to the Mother of Jesus Christ. He uses his education as a Greek to be a writer. He helps spread the calling of Christ’s love to the world!  We are still enduring in the year 2018. From ISIS in the middle east though many places in South East Asia that is still suffering persecutions. Even in the US, we are started to feel a “suppression of Free Speech” If someone doesn’t like your ideas or beliefs, then your label a “fascist, racist, etc.” As I wrote in my last blog, it’s only a matter of time before they start coming after the believers of Christ in the United States.

My blog is not here for “doom and gloom”. I’m here to bring examples of hope. To make it simple. Being a saint only requires that you give the very best of yourself for the love of Christ. We all have special talents and gifts.  I enclosed this link to the Seven Works of Mercy.

Click to access works-of-mercy.pdf

  1. To feed the hungry.
  2. To give water to the thirsty.
  3. To clothe the naked.
  4. To shelter the homeless.
  5. To visit the sick.
  6. To visit the imprisoned or ransom the captive.
  7. To bury the dead

Just be a decent human being. You don’t need to have special powers or lots of money. You can freely choose to do anyone of these things. Maybe you just work for Wal-Mart and just work in the children section.  Then I encourage you to offer the very best customer service you can. Be on time, take your break at the proper time, if your supervisor or manager ask you to do extra, offer that extra work for someone in need of prayer. Maybe offer it up as a Thanksgiving to the Lord for what he has done for you or your family.

My examples of this is from my own life. My mother always told me that God had a plan for me. She would tell me that “God spared my life and will use me to do his will” To be honest, I resisted this idea. I was upset at myself when everything seems to go wrong. I was upset that nothing seems to be working right in my life. I didn’t want to follow God’s plans, because I thought to myself and for quite some time believed that I needed a “Plan B” in my life. If I had a “plan B” I’m good. No need for me to suffer. I wanted God just to help me and to grant me things and just be a happy trooper. I’ve finally learned through my own life experience, that we are created to honor the Lord thy God. He does have a plan for each of us. We may have to eat a piece of that “humble pie”. It really doesn’t taste good, I’ll be honest. But once I finally accepted the way of Jesus, the way of accepting my cross and following him, then it becomes easier.  Now I didn’t say that all my problems went away. It just made it bearable and learned that I need Jesus in everything that I do. I need him at work. I need him when I deal with my family. I need him when I’m around my congregation, I need him when I’m sick, happy, need extra prayers or just feeling down in the dumps. I need my cross that Jesus has given to me, because it is all so sweet. I’ve learned to embrace it and carry it happily!

If we took that extra 20 secs to make good choices, we would really be true “evangelist” in the world. Our examples of life would radiant through the world. Not because of us as a single person, but because we have surrender our free wills to Jesus and have allowed him to work in our lives. They will know us by our love. So, we must choose to love everyday of every second. Earthly wealth and prestige only last a short time. It creates a “false sense of happiness that only God can fill. We all have a hole in our souls, that the only thing big enough to fill that hole is God. God doesn’t need human beings. He didn’t have to create us. He already had his heavenly host. But he chooses to create us with his Mighty Hands and he “breathed life into us” Genesis 2:7 Let that sink in for a bit. He had the power to speak life and could have created us that way, but the Creator chooses to mold us by his hands, formed us from the earth like a potter and breathed in us. WOW! That is a real relationship with the Master.  He then came down in Human form and was willing died on the cross to save humanity. How much more proof do you need in a God who loves you and I that much?

I encourage you my brothers and sister to be true Ambassadors of Christ Jesus to the world. I challenge all of you to be life- breathing, life-giving disciples.  In the Holy Name of God, the Father, with the Love of his Son, Jesus and with the Union of the Holy Spirit, may we exercise the Authority given to us as Christians through his One, Holy, and Apostolic Church to spread the good news to every human being across the world. May by his grace and mercy, give strength to his chosen Shepard’s to lead the flock to heaven. May the Blessing of the Most Holy Trinity come upon every man, woman and child. May we all confession, and every knee bend that Jesus Christ is the Risen Lord! Amen. Amen.



Aaron J


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