Is our current Political situation a prelude of a harbinger to come?

This last year has surly been a trying time for the United States of America. It would seem like no matter what news channel you turn on tv, there is always something bad going on. From Riots in South Carolina, to shooting all over the United States, one would thing we are coming into the end times. I’ve heard people say Former President Obama was a man of evil, now it’s our current President Trump. I’ve never seen such a division going on in our country now. It’s almost like battle lines have been drawn. Either you are a Republican or a Democrat, a Conservative or a Liberal, you choose one way of life or you choose another way of life. But with all this drama, could it be a “wake up call” of a warning to come?

If you have a feeling deep down in your heart that something terrible is coming to our country. You may be right. The shroud of the Darkness has fallen. It clouds the mind of all men, giving it a false sense of security. We hide behind ideas suppressing the truth. Suppressing ideas of those we don’t agree with. It leads humanity to its own demise. As Jesus said to his disciple’s, one can not serve two master, we will love one and hate the other, we will cherish one and despise the other, you cannot serve both God and Mammon. Matt 6:24 But who is this other “power” that is making its way into the world? What force can come from all this evil and bring more destruction?

We think that if we follow a certain idea or a certain lifestyle, we would be happy. How can you say you love God, but hate your neighbor? Where is the part of Love the sinner, but hate the sin? It seems we, as Christians have lost that. We have fallen far from the path that Jesus is trying to lead us. Some of us have allowed hate to enter our hearts. I don’t agree with Same -Sex marriage. But it is the Law of the Land and if I want that to change, then we need to pray for our bothers and sisters who live in that lifestyle. Pray for true conversion. Pray that the mercy of God opens their hearts and see that an Infinite God loves them. He created them just like you and me. God doesn’t make mistakes. If our bother and sisters have same-sex attraction, we need to love them more and Jesus to be with them. Remember he died for ALL MANKIND!

But this issue is not why I’m writing this blog. I’m writing this blog because when the dust settles and when both sides are done eating each other up. How will be on top? Who will be in charge? To me our political party is two heads of the same coin. I don’t think in the end it matters. When the times comes, we must choose to follow the truth or follow a lie. And the Lie I’m talking about is when the man of deception comes into the world. I don’t think he will come in such a force that we will all notice right away. No, I think he will come in a more settle way. When we are done tearing each other apart as Americans, he will come as a Uniter in Chief, He will come as a person of peace and then when the world is united, he will declare himself as god. Everyone will follow him blindly. Everyone will accept whatever he said and nothing will be challenged.

What if a world leader told you, Science is now “outlawed”. No one can study about the stars and the universe, no one can make medicine or find a cure for cancer, unless they get “permission” to be cured. They need to pay homage and offer sacrificed to get medical help. What if your told by the powers that be, you child must be killed because he is eating to much food and everything is rationed daily? I can see Americans uprising and coming together to over thrown a tyrannical government. But what if some are deceived and receive his mark on their body? What if your so brainwashed, that you can’t fight over control of your senses? I give this advice, if you remember anything from this blog, remember not to accept any markings, microchips or anything on your body. Pray that you don’t become deceived. Pray for the wisdom to do the right thing and make the right choices. We cannot stop the evil from being unleashed, but we can pray for mercy for it to slow down. We can pray to endure during the dark times that are coming ahead. We can love our neighbor as ourselves. We can choose life and not death. We can choose to be a better example of Humanity with the help of God almighty. Love the Same-Sex couples, love the one that commit abortions, love those who do evil. Pray that the Power of Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God changes the whole world. Pray that when the trumpets blare, and he is descending upon the earth. You are ready for the second judgement. You are ready to answer for all the rights and wrong you have committed in your existence. Be ready to stand up again the devil and his minions. St. Michael the Archangel pray for us. Blessed Virgin Mary, pray for us, God have mercy on us. Don’t allow us to destroy each other and allow us to be deceived. Amen


Aaron J

3 Comments on “Is our current Political situation a prelude of a harbinger to come?”

  1. I am sure you know that this is the same story the Christians have been preaching since the first century. Same old story, the end is near, salvation is at hand and blah, blah, blah… There is no resurrection and there is no place to go even if there were. Monotheists have been scammed about the afterlife. GROG


      • It is my belief that the belief in resurrection is delusional, and that the believers have been scammed. It isn’t your fault. This has been going on for generations and generations. All I am hoping is that people will wake up to the scam of an afterlife. GROG


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